Zoning: Know your local zoning regulations

Every community has some form of requirements governing signs on display. Please contact your local zoning commission if you need help to identify which rules apply to your business. You will find requirements related to:

  • Width
  • Height
  • Color
  • Font Size
  • Materials
  • Message Display

Types of Storefront Signs

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs allow you to tower over your competition and distinguish yourself among other business. Our team of experienced graphic artists will help you design your Pylon sign to guarantee that it stands out and clearly conveys your message to viewers.

Monument Signs

Lower profile signs. illuminated or non-illuminated. Eye catching at eye height.

Wayfinding/Directional Signage

From simple post and panel systems to interior wall set ups. Wayfinding and directional signage will help you lead your visitors to exactly where you want them to go.

Channel Letters

Be bright and beautiful or subdued and elegant. Channel letters convey your brand identity 24 hours a day.

Perimeter Lighting

Today’s LED technology will make your location stand out over others. Perimeter Lighting is available in multiple colors so it will match your building and other outdoor signage. Installing perimeter lighting is easy and maintenance is minimal.

Gas Price Signs

JM SIGNS is a national leads in Gas Price Signage. Our signage will help you pump up your petroleum business. We offer two types of Gas Price Signage, manually changeable gas price signs and new advanced LED technology signs. We recommend separating yourself from competitors by investing in an LED technology sign.

Scrolling Signs

Your visual needs may require larger, taller signs that can be changed automatically while being viewed from greater distances. This is best accomplished with one of our scrolling signs.

Tri-vision Signs

Want to convey multiple messages at once? Tri-vision signs are a great advertising medium for automatically displaying multiple messages for one or more advertising clients. These signs are most often used outdoors.

Fabricated Letters

High impact dimensional letters fabricated from a variety of materials with different finishes.

Questions to Ask When Choosing A Sign Shop

It’s important to get several estimates in order to make the best decision for your business. Here are some questions to ask when you contact a sign company:

  • Will the sign company apply for any needed permits?
  • Does the company offer design service?
  • What are the cost differences among materials?
  • How does more color add to my cost?
  • Does the company offer installation?
  • Is there an extra installation fee?
  • What maintenance and cleaning is required for the sign?
  • Does the company offer maintenance and at what cost?
  • Inquire about company’s insurance for installation and if the insurance covers any mishap should the sign fall or hurt someone in any way?
  • Does the sign company offer a guarantee or a warranty for the life of the sign?
  • What about scheduling? How long will it take to get your sign ready and installed?